Business needs

Every little detail counts.
Onieva has wide-ranging experience in meeting business needs when attending conferences, fairs or business meetings. Travel for executives and managers to all sorts of events.
We are at your service and offer total availability and complete discretion.
Our specialised chauffeurs will ensure you do not waste time when travelling on business.
We will drive you to your clients or potential buyers in the comfort and speed you need. We make great efforts to provide a respectful, quality personal service to all of our passengers.


Request a quote for the completion of your trip and we will respond shortly.

Or if you prefer, call us at
+34 94 672 64 45



Caminos Viejos, 14. 

T. 94 672 64 45

Laudio/Llodio (Alava)


Sagarmin, 6


Perretagana, 4. Pol. Jundiz


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